Consulting Services


In the year 2009, NAI and Najmat Al -Dammam formed an association for providing after sales support facility for Pipeline Integrity Management covering but not limited to:
Consultancy on LDS technologies:
  • Neutral Comparison of LDS technologies with their advantages and limitations.

  • Helping Customer in the selection of available LDS in the most feasible way Initial survey for evaluating field conditions for LDS (If require).
  • Sending team of engineers for caring out activities.
  • Site Conditions.
  • Power availability.
  • Communication Availability.
  • Location verification for all ALDS locations.

LDS Project Proposal:
LDS Project Proposal includes the following:
  • Commercial Proposal.
  • Technical Proposal.

LDS detail design:
  • Working with EPC’s icon details about the ALDS location, Communication, Power, etc.

Material Supply:
  • We are having strong logistics support and can deliver the material safely to the JOB Site.

Site Surveys:
We are conducting the site surveys for the following:
  • Installation Verification.
  • Communication Verification.
  • Power Verification.

Installation and Supervision:
  • We provide Installation and Supervision services based on the our clients’ needs

No Load Commissioning:
  • Start up of the complete system from site to control room prior to the SAT

Noise Survey:
  • We can conduct noise survey, gather noise data and upload in the systemSerial Communication interface:
  • WBy using hardwire modems Ethernet Communication Interface.
  • By Using Network Switches.

Commissioning for FSAT and actual leak test:
We provide the following for FSAT and Actual Leak Test:
  • FSAT Procedures.
  • Arranging Manufacturer representative for FSAT.
  • Actual Leak Test Procedures.
  • Field Assistance for Actual Leak Test.

Inventory Management:
Keeping ALDS Inventory for the following purposes :
  • Spare Parts.
  • Onsite Maintenance.
  • In House Maintenance.
  • 24 hours ALDS maintenance service, negotiating maintenance contract with Propone nt.
  • With our Tech Support available locally we can provide round the clock 24 / 7 services.
  • Local Assembly of Components.
  • In House Capability.

Bench Test capabilities:
  • System Bench Testing before material delivery.

System Bench Testing before material delivery:
  • In House and Overseas capability.

Live presentation with LDS DEMO system:
  • Actual system for presentation and Demonstration.

Hands on LDS system during presentations:
  • Hands on training and demonstration available on live system.